9 Great Restaurants that Opened this Year

There were so many great restaurants that opened this year, it was frankly, hard to narrow it down to just nine. Let me just say before going any further, there are many other wonderful restaurants outside of this list.

The restaurants featured here have a few things in common; for one thing, they are built on the foundation of experienced chefs and restaurateurs. For example, Brad Bernstein, chef and owner of Postmark, is a 3rd generation restaurateur.

The restaurants also echo a few national trends. I’ll give you 3 examples:

  1. Demand for clean and locally sourced food: We continue to see a deepening relationship between chef and farmer.
  2. Desire to simplify and go back to the basics: Chefs are simplifying classics including comfort food – giving them a fresh interpretation.
  3. The return to – I’m happy to say – the craft of cooking: This translates to more restaurants making food from scratch, ranging from pasta to pickles.

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