The Divine Lady of Mid-autumn Festival

It’s that magical time of the year again.Tomorrow, the Mid-autumn Festival will shine with a gorgeous full moon, and many families will gather to eat tasty mooncakes and gaze at the moon. Kids will parade around with pretty lanterns in the moonlit night. Heres the recipe for “doll” mooncakes if you’d like to make your own. If not, Asian stores are well-stocked with mooncakes of all sorts.

Photo by G. Yek: “Doll” Mooncakes–a popular mooncake variety among kids

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Eat My Globe Podcast: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Food

If you’ve amassed food knowledge that’s more than 80 countries deep, written three books, become a celebrity on TV, and regularly write for various media, what comes next? For Simon Majumdar, it’s podcasting. On Oct. 1, we will all be treated to his wit, encyclopedic food knowledge and quick humor–delivered with a dash of English panache.

Photo by Sybil Villanueva: Simon Majumdar at work

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Inside Deeper Roots Coffee, Part 2

Perhaps the real story here is how this very chill, low-key group is doing tremendous things by way of coffee–all right here, in West End. If you’ve ever had Deeper Roots Coffee, you’d have tasted their meticulousness; call it coffee science. And if you’ve ever met the founders and doers, you’d have probably also picked up the heart behind all that they do.

Photo by Deogracias Lerma: Deeper Roots partners (from left to right): Ryan Doan, Les Stoneham, Courtney Robinson, Adam Shaw.

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Three local restaurants receive national exposure

It’s not easy to be that chef or restaurant that offers incredible food, provide top-notch service, and be exemplary stewards of the community and environment. Which is why this is a big deal. For the three restaurants in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky that made the cut in Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery (TL&CC), the honor is immeasurable. It’s equivalent to taking a seat at the table with such icons as Alice Waters and Dan Barber.

Photo provided by Anne Sullivan: Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery USA Edition book cover

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Archways to Opportunity: Local students take advantage of McDonald’s tuition assistance program

I have a soft spot for education. For some students, the prospect of racking up student debt is crushing enough they sadly turn away from college. In this story, Alyssia Kelley is absolutely right–she advises college-aspiring students to “take the time to learn and explore the options…there are many, many resources out there.” McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity can be a helpful resource for some, as it has been for this dynamic young lady.

Photo provided by Kelley: Alyssia Kelley (L) and general manager Chaz Himes (R) at the Maineville McDonald’s.

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Cincinnati Moon Festival brings one of biggest celebrations of Chinese culture to Fountain Square

The mid-autumn festival, the second biggest celebration in the Chinese culture, will soon descend upon Fountain Square. Also called the moon festival, the celebration is traditionally a time for family and friends, against the backdrop of the full moon, beautiful lanterns and tasty mooncakes. The Cincinnati Moon Festival — a first for the city — will provide an immersive experience of this beloved celebration.

Photo provided by Vibe Cincinnati: Cincinnati Moon Festival Flyer

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