At Steak It Eazy, you can get juicy steak dinners, burgers and more delivered to your door

Why wait for a table when you can simply call or order online on your smart phone, and have your steak dinner delivered to your door? Two budding entrepreneurs, Sammy Caraballo and Logan Gundolf, see this growing consumer need and started Steak It Eazy to do just that — serve the home connoisseur restaurant-quality food. Their concept aligns with an emerging national trend of “restaurants” with no dine-in option. For the operator, there’s less overhead and more focus on food quality. The customers, in turn, get more affordable good food. Win-win.

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If you’d rather let someone else do the cooking this Thanksgiving, here are 9 good dine-out options

Taking a break from cooking this Thanksgiving but haven’t yet made dinner reservations? Many restaurants are closed for the holiday and the ones that are open tend to fill up quickly. Staples like Orchids at Palm Court, Parkers Blue Ash Tavern and The National Exemplar have long sold out, but there are still some good options available. You would want to move fast though — call the restaurants sooner rather than later.

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Stop by Chako Bakery Cafe for breads, sandwiches, soups and a sunny dose of ‘omotenashi’

Chako Bakery Cafe is the kind of sunny, charming place that just draws you in. Along with Chako‘s warmth and irresistible baked goods, you may find it hard to leave! More than anything, I love how this former nurse from Japan can reinvent her life and career in Covington in just a couple of years. The Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington‘s Chef Fellowship Program has been instrumental in helping Chako transition successfully from a home-based chef. The rest is sheer hard work. Chako tells me she starts work at 4 am and doesn’t finish until 11 pm.

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