In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we share 9 things you need to know about Hispanic cuisine

What would life be without foods like tacos, paella and empanadas? Thank goodness for the Hispanic cultures, we get to enjoy these foods and more. Special thanks to Joseph Garcia (Texas Joe The Legal Mexican, Tex-Mex Food Truck) , Alfio Gulisano (Che) , Derek Dos Anjos (The Anchor-otr) and Eduardo Rodriguez (My Artisano Foods) for your insight and what you bring to Cincinnati!

Jose Salazar (Mita’s CincinnatiSalazar) had this to add to the question, “Is Hispanic food always spicy?” “I think some people associate Latin with Mexican. The great majority of Latin cooking is not based around chili peppers. Most of Latin America is made up of communities that are mountainous or areas where chili peppers don’t grow. Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Argentinian, Puerto Rican (any many other) cuisines, are all places not based around peppers.”

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