Stuck in your office during lunch? No problem. LunchLobby will bring the restaurant to you

This is one of the more innovative things happening in Greater Cincinnati. In what may sometimes seem like a saturated restaurant market, LunchLobbycincy, a tech-driven startup, is carving out new space and delivering a 3-way win. They’re helping area restaurants, office workers, and proving out their business model...

I’m heartened to see their platform avails the same opportunities to the young food entrepreneurs (Findlay Kitchen, Mortar Cincinnati, etc.) as it does to the more seasoned ones. A total win for this city’s food industry. Thanks to Josh Campbell of Django Western Taco, Brian Jackson of Eli’s BBQ, and John Kallenberger of Roll On In for sharing their experience and perspective.

Photo by G. Yek: Phil Leisure, co-owner of LunchLobby

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